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Living a healthy life is spectacularly easy. It's also not particularly expensive. In fact, it is simple common sense! Dr Bob Rakowski from the Natural Medical Centre in Houston, Texas, is the epitomy of a US marine drill sergeant. He is a commanding presence and even on DVD, had the delegates to a Natural Medicine symposium out of their seats and doing an obligatory 4 minutes of tabatas (Byte sized bits of intense physical exercise to focus the mind and stimulate the senses). The symposium was recorded in Cape Town at the beginning of April and was presented by Amipro's Dr Wayne Naude for Garden Route practitioners who who were unable to attend Dr Rakowski's presentation in person.

The core of his message, which he rattled off at regular intervals, is that for great health you have to 'Eat right, drink right, poop right, move right, sleep right, think right and talk right....the Magnificent Seven! He has achieved outstanding results with a spectrum of chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to Alheimers and from depression to autism. He has a direct, no nonsense approach based on, as he puts it, 'wiping the slate clean and starting over!'

The basic pattern is to use a medical food (Amipro import the Metagenics Neutroceutical products which he uses) and organic vegetables ( predominantly the green leafy variety), spring water and certain teas only in the first week. He then tailors the dietry & neutroceutical intervention from the second week onward.

Gluten (particularly) and lactose are common allergens and it is not as hard as we might imagine to avoid in the diet. The massive increase in chronic and auto-immune disease, particularly in the US can largely (in about 70% of cases) be attributed to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and genetic manipulation used, quite legally in the commercial production of food and in the conventional management of chronic disease. His contention was incontrovertibly supported by the medical literature and numerous case reports. The knowledge is readily available and undisputed, however the political and economic will is completely lacking.

The soils of commercial farmland are denuded and fertilizers come nowhere near replenishing the entire complement of minerals that are in organically grown crops. A video clip, a 'ham' up, called 'The Meatrix' (available on u-tube) gives a sobering picture of factoy farming and it's implications on the environment and on ourselves.

It is virtually impossible in human society to obtain all the required nutrients for good health and vitamin and mineral supplementation are globally advisable. Dr Bob recommends a multivitamin/mineral product made from organic superfoods such as Metagenics Phytomulti and highly purified Omega 3 fish oil as a basic necessity.

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