The name of the website says it all! Our practice stretches from Plettenberg bay to Oudtshoorn where we provide the spectrum of specialist feminine health care services. Consultations are available on Tuesdays in Plettenberg Bay, Thursdays in Knysna and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Oudtshoorn. Our motto is to help when and where help is needed and we strive to assist with appointments at the shortest possible interval.

The practice still provides obstetric services at Knysna, George and Oudtshoorn. We will continue to strive for affordable private obstetric care in an extremely restrictive insurance environment. Please see the section on child birth for more information.

The Practice supports Registered Midwife-lead initiatives.In Oudtshoorn: Baby steps Midwifery Service. Specialist Sonographer, Anica Rossouw, is responsible for the Fetal Anomaly Scans at 12 & 20wks. She conducts clinics on a Thursday in Oudtshoorn and a Friday in Knysna. 4D art scanning of your baby is available through Baby Steps in Oudtshoorn and Anica Rossouw in Knysna.

Surgical procedures are conducted in Knysna on a Tuesday morning and Oudtshoorn on a Wednesday morning. Certain specialised techniques are conducted at Geneva Mediclinic on a Friday. Access to provincial facilities is possible, but restricted by their protocols and schedules. The spectrum of surgery, is discussed on the link provided.

The practice runs a Bone Densitometry unit in Knysna with osteoporosis being a special interest. Our resident radiographer, Brigid, has many years of experience in the the condition and it's screening and is alway happy to offer advice on the technique and it's appropriate use.

Functional and integrated medicine is practiced wherever possible in synergy with related practices and practitioners. Management of the menopause and its related conditions is a specialty of the practice.

We are an established patient friendly practice with a long history of service in the Garden Route. Our friendly staff will ensure a pleasant experience, whether it be for appropriate routine screening or for an acute or chronic ailment.

Routine Screening

The PAP test owes its name to one Papanicalou, who developed the staining technique to expose the nucleiof cells under going maligant change. The test is designed to identify women at risk of developing cancer of the entrance to the womb (the so called cervix). Read More...


It's urban legend that everything that ever goes wrong with women has men in it...and so we come to men-o-pause. This is, of course the time that women pause to consider if they need men in their lives at all! Read More...


Today we will spend a little time on an oft forgotten, largely neglected,yet critical bodily organ. It is so critical to our humanity, in fact, that in it's absence we would be blobs.... jelly fish, if you like.Read More...


This operation is indicated when the vaginal route is not deemed suitable. This may be due to previous surgery, suspected additional pathology or sheer size.Read More...


I suppose it's really just a matter of choice. It's a wonderful thing, if you think about it, the ability to chose. Particularly a choice as profound and as far reaching as creating life. Not that the creation is such a big deal. Read More...

Child Birth

The ultimate experience of womanhood and the aspiration of the majority of couples attending the practice. Pregnancy and birth are physiological conditions Read More...

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