Family Planning

I suppose it's really just a matter of choice. It's a wonderful thing, if you think about it, the ability to chose. Particularly a choice as profound and as far reaching as creating life. Not that the creation is such a big deal. Students often get it right first time!

It's the process, the parents, the pain, the package, the pampers, the purity and of course, the poo that goes with it all!

We are indeed considerably fortunate. We have the technology, the education system (yes, its still there!), the open society and a myriad choices to postpone procreation while enjoying for... um ...enjoying ourselves! So where to start? Let's start with the c's ...the calendar method, coitus interuptus and the good old condom.


Their Free!! ...(provided you don't mind government issue on the condoms).

They don't require a prescription and they don't expose you to hormones. Pretty good! Down side? The first method takes a good understanding of physiology and a fair measure of trust in it's consistency (which it isn't)...the last two methods rely on man ...and quite simply can't!

Condoms are of course essential items of protection against all the nasties out there, but here we are dealing purely with the matter of choice. 'The Pill'is next on the menu. Aah yes! The great liberator! Much maligned, much misunderstood maybe, but magnificent in it's management of menstruation, masterful in missing maternity!


The pill is extremely versatile. It can be used to ease the burden of painful periods, to lessen the impact of acne, to smooth over the jagged edges of PMS and to regulate the irregular. It has been refined, trimmed and redesigned over the years. The current offering is low dose and metabolically friendly.

There are contraindications and cautionaries, but the pill remains the mainstay of contraception. The injectables are next. Low risk and highly effective. Still the most popular choice in the government clinics and a very handy choice while nursing. The delayed return to fertility, weight issues and a mood suppressing effect of particularly the three month option is a detractor however I am not averse to the two monthly injectable.

'The Loop' has been around forever. Not on its current form, of course, but placing items such as pebbles and metals in the womb have been around at least since pre-history (and we have the bones to prove it!) Copper hasions. It causes a weak electrical charge Now for the new kids on the block ( article pending)

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